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Market Politics

THE AMERICAN DREAM - Began with the Free Market....NOT with Free Loaders.

North Korea's Road To Serfdom -

SWEATSHOPS - Slavery didn't go away, it just turned into this thing called "slave wages."


Stupid Things Liberals Say -

AMERICA'S HOUSING MARKET - All too many of us are underwater in our homes these days

Why do people think they can run American businesses -

If Obamacare enrolled 6 people on the first day because of glitches and problems... -

DON'T BE SCARED OF FREE MARKETS - "Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." George Bernard Shaw

THE PERFECT STORM - After Nov 2012, conservatives will House, Senate, the WH & the Supreme Court. Time to eradicate socialism.

THE GAS PUMP STICKY NOTE CAMPAIGN - The Gas Pump Sticky Note Campaign. Now Making Deliveries to Supermarkets near you !

SLICK MARKETING - May get you to buy a product once, but its gotta perform for you to keep buying it!

HINDENBURG OMEN - Its coming! Thanks Barack, Thanks Nancy, Thanks Harry, Thanks Barney, Thanks Chris, Thanks Maxine, Thanks Charlie, Thanks Chuckie!

FREE MARKET ECONOMICS - It's all business and pleasure until the whole system crashes in the course of a decade.

ANOTHER VOTE OF CONFIDENCE - The Market Responds to Financial Reform

FREE MARKET - Why are these on my VHS, DVDs, and Blu-rays again?

THE FREE MARKET - It is a cold machination that exists purely for the sake of commerce. It cares not if you get ground up in the works.

THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT - Now how is it making AMERICA vulnerable again??

You're Welcome -

Liberalism Defined -

New Jobs Report: 94 Million Americans No Longer in the Labor Force -

Private Enterprise -